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1 week progress on a SpatialOS Prototype


Hello all. I am currently working on a Prototype using SpatialOS, Unity, PlayFab, and UMA. My very first screenshots I posted to my Facebook after I got the Wizard Demo were posted just about a week ago. Since then I have restarted my prototype using the Unity Starter Project. So far I have Player Account Creation, Authentication, and Character Creation through PlayFab. You are then able to select which Character you want to use and connect into the SpatialOS World using the Character you selected. For the Avatars I have UMA set up though I have no character Customization currently set up but if I did both the Character Selection Screen and the SpatialOS world would load your custom Avatar. The In game UI is still not connected up at all but it’s in place ready to be connected.

I’ve got a work flow established for making changes and testing the Character Controller and making changes to the world and having it automatically update in the server scene and the client’s world scene.

I’ve started putting in the code needed to allow the player to pick from 1 out of the 3 factions that will be in game and spawn in at the faction’s spawn point.

All in all after a week of playing with SpatialOS I must say I am really enjoying it and look forward to being a part of the community and watching it mature.

Edit: Lighting, Image effects, world design, ect. I am still not happy with but with it just being a prototype it works well enough for testing and all that stuff can be adjusted and tuned over time once the prototype is finished and the game actually goes into full development.


Looking awesome man! can’t wait for a play test, speaking of which, have you played it with anyone? I’m 2 days into my own little toy and I have already had 3 people playing it, and shown 4. It’s always good to get people early on testing your stuff.
In any case, great progress, I’ll be waiting for updates :slight_smile:


I haven’t had anyone else in yet. But yes it is always good to get people in as early as possible and test everything as you go. But for me that’s a little complicated. If certain people catch wind of this then it’s going to add a certain amount of Drama that I’d rather not deal with until I HAVE to. But with that said I am leaving town sometime the end of the week and won’t be home until sometime around Thanksgiving. Once I get home I will more then likely set up my first play test.

Edit: Though thinking about it Wednesday or Thursday I may do a small test to see how movement is syncing up.


Wow, that’s fast! I’d love to give it a go when you feel like sharing it.


I’m also interested to test this game when will be available :slight_smile: