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9.0.0 alpha available... now!



Early access is now available! You can start upgrading to 9.0.0, or wait 'till tomorrow and get early access to the new tutorial, as well as your beloved Pirates demo!


Awesome work, exciting changes afoot :wink:


When/where can we expect to see the new tutorials on 9.0.0?


The revamped Pirates tutorial will be appearing later today - likely the first six lessons will appear first, with the final two following shortly afterwards! I’ll come back here and post when it happens so you can grab it straight away.


Great!, Do you know when the tutorial for setting up a blank project will be ready @samcorcoran


The upgraded Pirates Tutorial for 9.0 is now available!

Which means I’ll get to work upgrading the BlankProject next. I’ll make the upgraded project repository for BlankProject available as soon as its ready, and the accompanying tutorial can then follow on shortly after.


Hi @Soluis. I just wanted to let you know that the files for the BlankProject are now available at:

As I mentioned in another thread:

The initial commit of the BlankProject contains the very bare skeleton of a SpatialOS 9 Unity project, which might be perfect if you have done the Pirates Tutorial and are confident in how to get started.

In case you’re less sure, I’ve followed up with a couple of subsequent commits which get you started with entity templates, generating snapshots and synchronising information across workers.

The version 8 tutorial is unfortunately quite outdated, and not much use for learning the concepts for a version 9 project. However the Pirates Tutorial has plenty you can borrow/learn from/reapply, and you can always post a question here on the forums if you aren’t sure how best to do something!

Let us know how you get on!


@samcorcoran Thanks Sam, Hope you all had a Great Christmas/New year at Improbable. I’ve had some time now to look over the blank project and the Pirates tutorial. Using these I’ve been able to get started with our development without any issues and setup PlayFab integration so all going good so far :slight_smile:


That’s great to hear, @Soluis! Even if your own setup has been relatively painless it would be great to know if you have any thoughts on resources (further tutorials, documentation etc.) which you feel would have made your experience even smoother.

If you have an ideas in this vein then post them to our feedback forum!