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9.0.alpha Pirates Tutorial - Lesson 3. Wrong access?



The page contains this:

Add a clause to the end of the ACL, which gives the Unity FSim (the “physics worker”) read access on Health:

But the code seems to grant write access:


It seems a mistake, isn’t it?


Thanks for pointing this out, cepeche! You are right, the text is incorrect and should state that you are trying to give write-access to the FSim. The code snippet is correct.


Thanks for catching that, @cepeche - all fixed now!


Thanks, @beth and @samcorcoran.

I have another suggestion related to this tutorial.

Once I shutdown local SpatialOS server (Control+C), I receive this message from it:

>spatial local start
SpatialOS starting
Downloaded fabric bundle for version(9-20161216T114847Z-9f99b4b)
Unpacked fabric bundle to C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Temp\fabric_bundles\9-20161216T114847Z-9f99b4b
19:23:58.251 INFO [i.deployment.InternalGameLauncher$] SpatialOS version: 9-20161216T114847Z-9f99b4b
SpatialOS ready. Access the inspector at http://localhost:21000/inspector
Shutdown signal received from user, shutting down…
SpatialOS terminated.
At 2016-12-16 18:28:15 UTC failed executing command:
** spatial local start**
Unknown : SpatialOS exited with error after sending shutdown signal to JVM
Internal : there were errors shutting down: code = Unknown desc = JVM did not exit cleanly
Unknown : JVM did not exit cleanly

I don’t know if the text in bold is due to something going wrong in my setup. If it is normal, I think that it is not an “elegant” closing message, as some users could be worried about it :wink:


Heya! Well done on getting so far through the pirates tutorial. Alway lovely to see some feedback too :slight_smile:

spatial local stop is definitely something I’ve wanted for a while.

‘Fabric’ is the name of the software project that you download and run when you do spatial local start : but internally there is no concept of “stopping” for fabric. It’s supposed to run forever in order to keep our games persistent.
That being said: I’ve raised a feature request and it’s definitely something we’ll be fixing in a release soon.