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About SpatialOS Pricing: March 2018 Update



We last posted about Pricing in January 2017, and at the time of writing had planned to follow up with more details in the following months. Since then we’ve made no official announcements; I want to briefly explain why there has been a delay, and give insight into what our current plans are.

Following the initial post, we shared the planned pricing with a selection of customers. We received valuable and honest feedback, and as a result we made the decision to rethink our pricing model. We care that our customers are set up to succeed, and so we decided to consult further on use cases and get our pricing right.

We have now finished adjusting our pricing plan for SpatialOS, and have launched a new page on our website which provides an overview of how this will work. In the future, we plan to add much more information to this page, such as price points, calculator tools, FAQs and examples. For the moment, we want to provide a clear picture of how our pricing will be structured, and ask those in need of more pricing information for their project to “Contact Us” via the web form so we can discuss your plans.

Our open platform is still designed to encourage you to experiment freely. Our forums, documentation and development tools are free to use, and you can run limited cloud deployments for testing and prototyping without charge.

If you have further questions, please let us know. Otherwise, we hope you continue to enjoy use of the open platform, and look forward to your feedback as more pricing information is released.

About SpatialOS pricing

Do you have an example, of basic pricing so as an Indie I know what to expect.


Oh yeah, something good to show would be how much it would cost to run the pirates demo for a month with about 100 connected players. The Pirates demo is a little light so it would also be nice to show the cost of the Wizards Demo since it can get larger with all the entities it has.

Thanks for posting more about pricing, I look forward to trying out a pricing calculator :grin:


Hello @phil, @judah4

As suggested above, we plan to add pricing examples and calculator tools to the pricing page in the future. This will hopefully address your requests at that point. However this information isn’t publicly available for the moment. If you need more pricing details for your project please use the “Contact Us” button so we can discuss your requirements.

@judah4 - Thank you for the suggestion regarding the Wizards/Pirates demos. I agree that having pricing for these would be really useful. We’ll try to include this, or something similar, when we add more details to the page.

Kind regards,