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Add section in documentation devoted to seeding a world



The documentation describes how snapshots can be created, loaded and saved but it offers little guidance in what a best practice is when it comes to seeding your world.

From what I gather so far the two best practices so far are to:

  1. Create an initial snapshot locally and include that as a basis.
  2. Bake in a ‘Genesis Entity’ that can then spawn your world.

The latter sounds like an interesting approach but documentation on how to approach that is a little sparse or divided between topics,


Agreed - that would definitely be useful! I’ve got some work-in-progress talking about the first approach, using snapshots. Finishing that is next on my to-do list, once we’ve finished working on the tutorials.

With the second approach, that has some similarities to the first - you’ll still start from a snapshot, just one that contains that initial entity that does the spawning.

I’m not sure what a doc page on that approach would look like yet, but, there will be an example of something similar in the new Pirates tutorial. That uses an entity to spawn players when clients connect. Is that close enough to what you’re thinking of? (I’ll point you towards the relevant source when it’s out. )


@draconigra - in the meantime, I wrote a post on using snapshots in SpatialOS 9 that could help :slight_smile:


I had read that post but didn’t remember it actually answered a fair bit of my question now that I re-read it! I had played with doing this myself but didn’t realise I could do it this way.