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Adding to the Resources folder


There are some packages that we have that we have tried to move in to the Resources folder with mixed results. It seems that they are happier to be in their own folder in the root of Assets. Is there a way to add other folders to the list with the Resources folder? If so where do you do it? (Examples: UMA, Inventory pro)


Hi there, @Tectuma!

Regarding the Resources folder – I would refer to Unity’s guide on best-practices (along with do’s and don’ts) when making use of it.

In most cases, placing entire Asset Store plugins like UMA and Inventory Pro into the Resources folder would not be advisable. I would place them in a Plugins or ThirdParty folder instead.


This was entirely a misconception on our end. For some reason we had it in our heads that all assets had to be in the Resource, Gamelogic and EntityPrefabs in order to be picked up by the spatialos to be packaged for the server and client. I am very thankful this is not the case. Just to prove the point we tested last night with out issue, and our project is back on track. :slight_smile:


Ace! Glad to hear that :slight_smile:

Do let us know if something in our documentation might have made things unclear – sorry that you had to encounter those issues initially – but we are glad that you got it working in the end!