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All SpatialOS projects will now use the new Runtime



Hey devs,

Today, we’re very excited to say that we’ve fully released the new version of the Runtime and that all existing and future SpatialOS projects now use the new Runtime.

For those of you who have already upgraded to the new Runtime, there is no need for you to do anything - happy developing!

For those who have not yet upgraded and who have been using the old version for your projects, you might see errors cropping up the next time you deploy. If this happens, please follow the upgrade guide to resolve these. Once you’ve completed the upgrade, your project should deploy without issues in the new environment and you’ll be using the new Runtime by default.

There’s a chance that some of you might also encounter bugs that are specific to your project/user case. If this happens, please do post in the Support section here on the Forums and our team will check this out for you.

For more details on what the new Runtime is and its capabilities, check out our blog from today.

Nee :slightly_smiling_face:


You can find the release notes here.

These changes apply to the Runtime of all SpatialOS 11, 12, and 13 SDK versions.

Next time you deploy locally or remotely, you’ll automatically receive the latest version. As @Nee pointed out above, please try following the upgrade guide if you run into any issues.