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Alpha support for our new modular Inspector


Hi devs,

Today, we’re excited to announce Alpha support for our new modular Inspector. You can read the full details in our docs.

We’re building the modular Inspector to support the release of the new Runtime. It brings several improvements over the current Inspector. The application is now query-based, meaning you can restrict the data coming to you, and filter for the exact information you need. Also, it is now entirely modular, so you can set up custom workspaces depending on your use-case, whether you’re debugging one aspect of the game, or running play or scale tests.

Right now the modular Inspector is in Alpha. This means it is intended to be used alongside the current Inspector, and only supports entity data. Going forward, we’ll be working to add worker data and the ability to save custom workspaces.

To use the modular Inspector, navigate to the current Inspector for your deployment and opt in using the button in the bottom right of the screen. Do share your feedback with us through the feedback button in the application, or here on our Forums and stay tuned for future updates!

Nee :slightly_smiling_face: