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Animation synchronization, shooting system and ragdolls

Hello, so I’m finally launched a TransformSyncrhonization module withing BlankProject And now I’m curious about how to implement some essentials. Can somebody share and suggest best way to make:

  1. Animation synchronization for non-authoritative players ( I’m using default third person humanoid controller from Unity ).

  2. Any advises about shooting system with particles synchronization?

  3. How to sync ragdoll ( 15 bones ) between players?

Thank you!

Hello @Usenrame

For question #2 check this page -

For questions #1 and #3 can you give a bit more of context on how you’re planning on using the animation and ragdoll?

About question #1, already solved it through just animation state syncronization.

And about #3, just curious which is proper way to sync character ragdoll? Since physics is working a bit differently between all clients, so it’s could be different on different clients. Should I time to time sync most important parts, like hands and legs?