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Another big step for our new Runtime



Hello devs,

You might remember that our engineers have been busy shaping a new Runtime for SpatialOS. Last month, we gave you the keys to our new bridge. Today we are showing you how to take the second step towards Runtime v2 with our new load-balancer - as well as revealing a very interesting tool that it enables.

In order to benefit from the new load-balancer, you will need to have upgraded to the new bridge. When that’s done, you can go straight to the load-balancer upgrade documentation that we are releasing today.

After this upgrade, there’s only one more step to complete the new Runtime - the new entity database, which we are releasing next month to complete the roll-out. We hope that you’ll join us in trying this out and that you’ll share your feedback here or on our Discord server.


A new runtime for SpatialOS: part 2