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Any plans for porting to Windows and P2P distributed servers

There are many games that don’t even wish to create the revenue levels of AAA+ multiplayer and the current step up to dedicated game servers is a barrier to offering and often cuts game life time short.

Firstly are there any plans to port SpatialOS to windows and if so why is it not possible to create distributed client-server nodes that fan-out to 3-6 player clients of a partitioned game segment?

Rather than limit to current high revenue games why not offer a mode that will return the same from the many?

Hi @rolyan-trauts,

apologies for the delay in getting back to you on this.

SpatialOS is a dedicated server networking solution and as such, doesn’t support a P2P networking model - if this is what you’re specifically talking about. You might want to look at other solutions that could be better suited to this, like Photon, for example. Hope this helps.