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Any SpatialOS related internship chances?



I am Sparky and I am a current NYU Game Center game design MFA student who worked as a Unity gameplay programmer for mobile games in China.
Since I came to US, I am SUPER interested in SpatialOS things that I have tried one demo myself and I am intended to do more things about it in my further career.
I could have other internships chances about any other kinds of Unity development, but I have made my mind clear that I should be spending the next Summer vacation in Spatial OS related development which might sharp my future more clearly. And this is probably one of the best place to ask those ppl who think the same.

Or you can leave any other method here that I could contact you.
Hope to hear from you guys soon.


Hey Sparky.

You should think about applying to Improbable directly! We are always looking for great interns each summer.



Hey Sparky :slight_smile:
As Herman says; we’re always looking for talented people!
Just an FYI: I’ve removed your email from your post and instead raised it internally.
Cal :support: