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Any update on UE 4.16 support?



Is there any update on the Unreal side of things for 4.16 support or the upcoming 4.17 support? Just curious what the plans are as there seems to be very little information on what the future holds with Unreal Engine and SpatialOS. There was some talk / plans to turn spaitalos into a plugin for Unreal so that engine level changes may not be needed.

I have currently put my project on hold as there are some important 4.16 VR changes that I need and even some upcoming future 4.17 changes (that can be held off on until support is there).

But I am afraid to continue with the current setup with all the big changes coming and not know what changes are coming down in the future. We need something like a roadmap of the future so that we can plan accordingly.

The 9 to 10 update seemed like a fairly big refactor on the SpatialOS Unreal side and took a fair amount of time and work to get things reworked into 10. I haven’t taken the time to attempt a update to 11 knowing that the next big SpatialOS update to Unreal will be changing things fairly majorly turning it into a plugin and I can only imagine the changes that will need to be made on the project side of things.


Hi @Tom316

We are currently ironing out the last few issues related to the 4.16 support. There are still some difficulties that need to be solved but we are hoping to have the support ready as soon as possible. Our focus is to move more towards a setup where no modifications to the Unreal engine itself would be required to use SpatialOS if possible.

With regards to upgrading, we have been making many breaking changes to the Unreal integration that were required to turn the experimental API into a more production ready state. We will still be making breaking changes but these will become far less frequent from now on as the foundation of the SDK is coming together.

We are also working on defining a clearer public roadmap for the Unreal SDK that I hope we can share with you in the very near future as well.

I understand that this does not give you any direct answers but we will provide you with updates on our 4.16 progress in more detail the next few days.

Hope this helps,