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Any Vehicles For the Unreal GDKExampleProject?

Hello. Are there any templates for a vehicle like a car or helicopter that’s compatible with SpatialOS’ Unreal GDKExampleProject that I could use? Thank You!

You can use any that work with UE 4.22. Plus others for other UE versions if you can fix them to work with 4.22.

Although you will have to integrate them properly with SpatialOS if you want to use them on the cloud. To make sure they are replicated on the server properly, I believe. Which is something Im just learning about myself right now. Otherwise I would help more. Hopefully somebody else that is further along with it can help you further.

For now you can just use them with the local launch without having to worry about the server too much.

However vehicles are quite ambitious as a starting point if you have never implemented them in UE at all before. Im learning with basic characters first.