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API to handle single element list updates?



Will there be an API in the future to handle single element list updates? Especially when working with big lists (e.g. player list) this could be useful.


Hi @daschatten,

We do have this on the roadmap.

However we don’t have this prioritised to do soon. The main reason for doing this is efficiency. Currently no one has reported issues with syncing complete lists. This is mainly due to normally they update pretty infrequently so the amount of data sent is not that bad.

If you or anyone who reads this thread sees performance issues due to this feature please let us know and we will bump the priority.



Hi, I’m having some performance issues with updating lists. I do it for my lists of items and skills and I don’t think it’s going to scale well if every equipment change or item pickup is going to cause a whole resend of s list or map. Actually, if there was a way to update only 1 index on a map that would solve most of the issues with updating


Hi, coming across this myself hence the necro. The issue for me is not so much overhead for updating the data at this stage, more the added complexity of updating a whole list rather than sending a partial component update. I had been sending complete list updates, but was getting pretty ugly, especially when converting types.


Yep, same on my side. I have lot of (nested) stuff in my inventory and sometimes it is updated often, e.g. due to ammo usage. I get more traffic usage than the position sync component :neutral_face: