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Are there plans to support the Unreal GDK for MacOS?

Are there plans to support the Unreal GDK for MacOS for this year (2019)?

Hi @mariaka

Yes we are working on fully supporting MacOS as a development platform and iOS clients in the Unreal GDK. We don’t yet have a concrete date for it, but it should be by the end of the year. Stay tuned!

Thanks for the fast reply. So currently that means I cannot share my game with Mac Users/MacOS Clients via SpatialOS?

In other words: is there a way I can deploy to Mac Clients at the moment using the Unreal GDK? If not, are there plans to support that? @ernest

Hi @mariaka

We have not tried this ourselves. While it should be possible to create Mac clients with the GDK by building them using Unreal on Windows, this is not supported or recommended until we have full Mac support.