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Are there prams to use to speed up the build process?



My build times have gone from a minute or so to several minutes per. I believe the only thing significant I added were assets. The problem I have now is that build iterations are almost unbearable. I typically play with several things in a different scene before trying them in the full build.

Also, is it possible to do a distributed build? I have other machines I could leverage.

Im using the MacOSX version on an i7 / 4GHz / 16 GB RAM.


Sort of depends on what engine you are using. If you are using Unity you can use the nice handy auto patch drop down. This will keep the workers and clients patched up as best as possible without having to do a new clean build between each time you want to iterate on something (Locally that is).
(I noticed in the Unity docs it doesn’t talk about the auto patch drop down option. I believe it might still be expermental / in testing)

For Unreal you can launch two copies of the editor and set one as a worker and the other as a client. That allows you to not have to package / rebuild between iterations