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We are currently looking at developing applications for Healthcare in AR.

Our company is based Australia, however I noticed that only US and EU are supported. I am able however to access the Alpha SDK.

What does it mean that only US and EU are supported ?


Hi @psuwara,

My perspective is from the technical side of Improbable, not the business one. However I can tell you that the “US and EU support” refers to the fact that we currently only have clusters (i.e where you run SpatialOS deployments/simulations) in data-centers located in the EU and US.

This is why you can perfectly well access the Alpha SDK and even run deployments. Nonetheless, because of the geographical locations of the data-centers, you’ll experience a quite high latency which might not be ideal for most applications that require users connecting to the deployment/simulation from outside the data-center.


By the way, I like the idea of the use of AR in healthcare applications. Looks like a really interesting use-case. :slight_smile:


Thanks @dvanamst for clarifying. This makes sense.



No problem @psuwara! Happy to clarify things.

For initial prototyping or exploring possibilities the higher latency will probably not be too much of an issue (even if it won’t be perfect). The US and EU limitation is not a hard one as we could easily spin up clusters in other regions (from a technical point of view, this is not a business promise or prediction with a specific date).

Can you say some more about the kind of usage you would like to explore with SpatialOS? Would it be just for running and rendering the AR or are you also looking into more broader uses of simulation? This is just me being curious as we are very keen on learning more about the different applications that people come up with on their own for the platform beyond our initial ideas, no problem if you prefer keeping the details to yourself!



Thanks for clarifying.

Our goal would be to look at applications in healthcare only. Due to the cloud nature and recent partnership with Google, it could be possible to do some incredible things with the AR integration.

We are looking at AR suppliers for headsets at the moment and will be developing relationships and partnerships with local healthcare professionals and groups.

Our goal is to improve health and well being of the community through the application of AR and related technology. As we are currently in idea/prototype mode, our business model and solution is still dependent on the developing needs and problems that we aim to solve.