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Authoritative server 8ballpool game


Hope someone can help?
We have built a mobile esports platform for skill games.
I understand the game (8ballpool) has to reside in a authoritative server! So far so good I’m now being told the latency because of a high physics content would make the game unplayable!!
Any advice appreciated


Hey @GenieGaming,

It’s possible to run a server authoritative SpatialOS game with high physics content and reasonable latency, Worlds Adrift, for instance. Where did you read that high physics content would make the game unplayable?

If you have any specific questions or implementation issues I’d love to help you out :slight_smile:


I have a developer making the game and another making the backend which is nearly finished the game is a real money skill game like the skillz esports platform but I need our game to be real time! Theirs isn’t.
My developer said the game needs to be on a authoritative server for hackers but it will basically make it unplayable (latency)
If you believe you can help I would be grateful for your contact details! Send to
I would certainly consider a collaboration with yourselves to bring this to the market!