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"Bastard Options" for Strategy Game



My game is a city-building strategy game, where players are building business empires as they struggle to control a city.

I’m looking for fun ideas of mean things players can do to each other.

We have some standard organized crime stuff in the works like:

  • Send an AI to kill the manager of another player’s business
  • Send an AI to set a business on fire
  • Send an AI to bomb a business

Here are suggestions from players for uh… gentler options:

  • Pay to make a labor union, which causes a strike and halts all production at worker-intensive buildings like a factory
  • Force a rat infestation, which stops all revenue to a restaurant building
  • Dump a ton of trash on a lot, lowering the value of everything nearby
  • “Spread a rumor that a restaurant sells horsemeat”
  • Cut off the sewer or electricity to an area or building
  • Graffiti all over your rival’s property
  • Get the tax authorities to investigate them
  • Turn all their properties temporarily an ugly hot pink or some other humiliating color/branding

What other ‘bastard options’ (as we’re calling them) would you like to see?


Send a bus of school kids into their China shop?
Commission an archeological dig on their plot?
Lobby for a new motorway/train/subway that would conveniently run through their plot?


-Hire their key employees which reduces effectiveness
-Fund an activist organization to target the company(bad press)
-Rezone their property

-Hack the other company, then give data to newspaper, journalists, dark web, or keep
-Plant evidence
-Bribe government officials to harass other company(short-cut the other above board govt. options)


this is great, thank you!