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Better info on using the unity GDK



so i have spend the most of the week trying to under how im supposed to use the GDK for unity. i can do all the set up but when it comes to adding my own code to do something as simple as move a box round i get stuck. and i have no clue how im suppose to do server side code. I have looked at the docs and the fps example project but both didn’t help. i have used photon and the build in unity networking so i thought i should be fine using SpatialOS but i really am just at a loss. so i was wondering if there is anywhere i could find better info on how im supposed to use SpatialOS. A video of two would be even better


I second this! Some basic hello world style tutorials would be very helpful.


Hey @dan-max, @MetaCitizen,

Thanks for bringing this up. We’re currently working to improve and expand our documentation, so I want to capture your specific requests.

So far I have:

  • Transforms (moving a box round)
  • Running game logic on server-workers

Let me know if there are any other specific problems that you’d like documented. Thanks again for your feedback.


@oliverbalaam basic as what @MetaCitizen said some kind of hello world tutorial would help


@oliverbalaam If you want specifics I have a few ideas. I believe it would provide a clear step by step guide for getting into coding with SpatialOS. All the tutorials would build ontop of each other. Listed in order.

Transforms and Input: Spawn cube on player connect move it on the x z axis from player input

Mesh and animation: Replace cube with animated character and sync the animations

Physics: Make character physics based

UI and Data: Localized in game chat

Something more specific I’m interested in

Global server state: After a small number of players connect enable game system. Like turn on the movement system or spawn the players after X amount of connections.


Thanks @MetaCitizen this level of detail is super useful. I’ll make sure that our new batch of documentation provides instruction for these use cases.


I would love to see this as well. Maybe a step before the cube just to make sure it’s covered

  1. Creating and specifying the world.
  2. How we go about creating the schemas etc.

I think the pirates tutorial used to cover the schemas, but as others have said a “Hello World” actually starting from scratch and just working with primitives would be great.

I’m actually really interested in creating a 2D game, so from a selfish point of view, that would actually be rather interesting to see, especially as it removes some 3D complexities, it might also be easier for people to get used to creating their own assets and importing them in 2D to go through a whole project lifecycle without having to use content provided for them (though obviously some sample assets purely for devs might be useful!)


Just getting started with SpatialOS and having resources like this would be incredible.

Is there any update on when we could possibly see these?