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Biggest Lazarus update yet!



Hey everyone!

Spilt Milk Studios have released a new update for Lazarus. This includes new enemies, territory warfare, factions, improved map and missions. For more details, read the Lazarus blogpost.

The website has been completely revamped and it looks awesome! Head over to get your free code so you can start playing now.

The devs have been playing all day, and they’d love to hear from you so let us know what you think!


Map Looks amazing @Andrew.Smith and @andrew.roper! Can’t believe that you’re seeding this information in real-time.

You’re bringing back the second-screen experience and actually making it work! I’m getting used to keeping it open in a tab on my third monitor just because of how cool it is to see the AI advancing and spreading control. Last time I did something like that was with the DEFCON main menu!


I love the map on the website! I wonder how they get the data on the website? Do they sync some data every few x time interval to an external data store?

I did notice while playing that enemies tend to ‘jump’ and ‘jitter’ around one-thirds down from the top left. It feels to me as if the coordinates in the client or in the FSim are higher than 20.000 to 40.000 units (where you start to get floating point errors causing jumpy behaviour). I also reported this on twitter but perhaps this is helpful.

There is also a weird purple dot in the centre of the screen; as if there is supposed to be a reticle with a missing shader.

Other than that, awesome game so far!


I’ll tag @andrew.roper in to talk details and bugs…but I’m pretty sure there’s a firebase implementation somewhere in the midst :slight_smile:



Yeah, we’re using Google Firebase as a mid-point to store our data. We were originally going to use our own web-server, but got pointed at firebase which seemed like a much better ideal. You’re correct in assuming that we push data to firebase every interval.

Regards to the jittering of enemies, I’ve noted it down and let the rest of the team know to keep an eye out for it to see if we can all spot it consistently :slight_smile: