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[BLOG] Chronicles of Elyria by Soulbound Studios



Just wanted to announce a new partner game - Chronicles of Elyria by Soulbound Studios. Their CEO, Jeromy Walsh has written a blog introducing the game to us.

The game is a classic fantasy MMO, with a twist. It’ll use the Unreal Engine and SpatialOS to deliver a living world with a closed economy, finite resources, non-repeatable quests, and destructible environment. Players shape the world through multiple lifetimes as different characters in an epic story spanning 10 years. Each character’s journey is unique and impacted by world events and player choices. Here, Soulbound’s CEO Jeromy Walsh, explains the game.

Anyone have any questions about the game? :slight_smile:


I popped over to Seattle to visit these nutters and had an absolute blast. @michael and @Jeromy have been asking great questions and cracking on with our SDK.

The community around Chronicles is absolutely outstanding too. Their forums are consistently interesting and engaging.

can’t wait to see more!


Hey guys,

We were recently told that SBS has abandoned using SpatialOS for this game. Can you expand a bit on what happened and why it happened as such? SBS was evasive at best, and I think it’s in everyone’s best interest that there’s another side to the story that’s being told.



Hello @holyavengerone

During the development of Chronicles of Elyria, Soulbound moved most of their development flow to use Javascript. At the time we had an experimental Javascript SDK.

It became clear to us over time that maintaining Javascript support was not the most effective way of improving SpatialOS for our developer community as a whole and we made the decision to deprecate the experimental Javascript SDK. After discussions with Soulbound they decided to build their game on an alternative technology stack more closely centered around their in-house engine.

Kind regards,


I see, thanks for the explanation.

The way this was sold to us (or the way I understood it), both in your blog post linked in the OP (now removed : and by Soulbound as a strong partnership between both organizations. Was Javascript planned to be supported in the long term for SpatialOS? Was there a decision made at some point knowing that this may break the partnership with Soulbound?

I’m asking namely because the news post you had up in the OP mentioned that SBS was going to build “the Soulborn Engine – a C#/C++ custom RPG-engine that sits on-top of SpatialOS – which is comprised of around 40 custom Worker processes which will enable this rich feature-set.”. So there was no mention of JS at the time, and it seemingly was targeting your core tech platforms with their C##, C++ and using the UE4 integration.

Can you comment on that?