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[BLOG] Imagining believable game cities & urban simulations with SpatialOS

Hi everyone,

We recently asked Dr Konstantinos Dimopoulos - an engineer and urbanist - for his thoughts on SpatialOS and what the tech can do for future game cities and complex city simulations. In return he wrote us a blog!

Please give it a read and let us know what you think in the thread below:


I was doing research related to using SpatialOS to do Autonomous Vehicle deployment modeling and wanted to read the feedback on the article:

Also, I came across the article:

Is there an update on the proposal and work outlined there?

Heya @rtfranzo,

There’s no further update and work being done on the projects those articles discuss. The blog article from Dr. Konstantinos Dimopoulos was a theoretical exercise, rather than a live project. Dr Dimopoulos contributed the blog as an imagining of how SpatialOS might impact his particular field of interest - urban simulation and city-building games.

The autonomous fleet blog was something we worked alongside with a company called called Immense Simulations and Cubic Transportation Systems Ltd as a research project called TALON (Tools for Autonomous Logistics and maNagement). That project concluded and wrapped up successfully in August, 2018.

If you’re interested in large-scale autonomous vehicle deployment modelling, it might be worth you checking out as a place to start?

Hope that helps,


That’s a great update and recommendation. Thank you.

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On a more practical note, has anyone attempted to create villages/towns in their game? Would be interested to see algorithms/methodology that someone is actually using in their game right now to allow NPCs to build towns and such.