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[BLOG] Meet Quest - a SpatialOS game on iOS



Hi everyone,

In case you missed it, here’s a great blog post by our talented AAA team (art, animation, audio) who recently made a SpatialOS demonstration game with strong MOBA influences and an experimental iOS integration:

Let us know your thoughts in the thread below!


I agree with the finding in the blog post that the Entity Interest Radius is very important to things in the game and at the same time quite abstract to grasp.

For example, the Entity Interest Radius ensures that entities of interest are checked out on a worker around every authoritative entity but when you have a hierarchy of objects (a car composed of multiple entities, a star system with multiple entities or even just a scene where some elements are hierarchical because of reasons) I find it hard to grok what the implications are if only a part of these entities are checked out, or what even happens if an entity repetitively exits or enters an interest radius.

For my own use-case, I am still in the process of deciding how to best structure a star system to ensure that orbiting works as expected, but at the same time that orbiting doesn’t break down because parent objects go missing (A orbits B orbits C orbits D orbits E, causing an interesting challenge in predicting the position of A when one of these is absent).

I love reading these blog articles as they give me insight into what you, or others, encounter during your development and what solution was used to solve what was encountered.


Good point - these spatially-entangled systems are hard to grok, especially given extra dimensions. I know our CTO Rob Whitehead talks about a relatively simple simulation, a physics-driven Domino rally, and even something as linear as that has hard problems at the boundaries, let alone from keeping track of larger-scale systems.