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[BLOG] We built a multiplayer RTS in two weeks using SpatialOS



How challenging is onboarding at your company? How about building a real-team strategy game from scratch in a fortnight? That’s what we did to a team of newly-hired community engineers from Improbable’s San Francisco office.

Shortly after joining, the seven recruits – four from the US, three from the UK – were whisked to the UK to absorb the culture of the company’s London HQ (and learn what a real pub is). The idea was simple – get to grips with SpatialOS at its “source” and learn the ways of being a Community Engineer. But we didn’t set them an easy task…

Read more at the link above.


Any chance the source will be released from this?


Hey, sorry for the slow reply - we missed it. :persevere:

AFAIK, we don’t have any plans to release it at the moment, but I’ll ask the question internally.

Sorry again!


@GriddleOctopus any updates on either making the source code available or may be have an in-depth article detailing the design patterns for using SpatialOS for RTS.

I am very interested in knowing how to send updates for everything around entities that belong to the player.