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Blogpost series: Choosing between the ECS and MonoBehaviours workflows



Hello all!

Following up from the first ECS blog post, our QA Engineer @oliverbalaam is back with the second post in the series.

In this latest article, we compare ECS and MonoBehaviours workflows in the SpatialOS Game Development Kit (GDK) for Unity and what they can do for your game. You can check it out here.

As previously mentioned, you don’t have to use the ECS to use the GDK. But, for those interested to learn more about ECS and what it can do for your SpatialOS games, get an introduction to it with our previous blog post, in which we took a look at ECS and what it could do for your SpatialOS game.

There’s still more to be explored on ECS, so check back for future posts from Ollie in the coming weeks!

Nee :slight_smile:


Will there by any ECS support for Unreal?
Or any other way I can get ECS for Unreal?


Hey @Zewy,

ECS is a beta feature within Unity, which our SpatialOS GDK for Unity can work alongside with. We’ve been investigating with it, which is why we’ve put together this series of blog articles :slight_smile:

For Unreal Engine, you could theoretically build a SpatialOS game in this style, but we didn’t design the SpatialOS GDK for Unreal with this in mind. As ECS is still a bit of an experiment, we couldn’t guarantee the results for it, if you did want to try this with Unreal.

However, if you do want to see what’s happening on the Unreal ECS front, you can check out this post from the Unreal Engine forums and see the conversation happening around that.