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Blogpost series: Entity Component System & what it can do for your SpatialOS game


Hey all! :slight_smile:

Today, we’ve released a blog post that takes a look at Unity’s Entity Component System (ECS).

In our time building the SpatialOS GDK for Unity, we learned a number of very interesting things about the ECS but as we dived further under the hood, we also realised that there was very little documentation about it out there.

So, we decided to put down our learnings in a blogpost series (written by our engineer @oliverbalaam) and share it with you all. Hopefully, this series will be a useful intro as well as a deeper look in to ECS.

It’s worth highlighting that you don’t have to use the ECS to use the GDK. However, for those interested to learn more about ECS and what it can do for your SpatialOS games, do check it out.

This post is also the first in a series on this topic so do stay tuned over the next coming weeks for tips, tricks more.