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Blogpost series: Thinking spatially: Using dynamic interest management



Hello devs,

Today, we published a blog post which deep-dives into the topic of using dynamic interest management in multiplayer game development, specifically with SpatialOS and the new Runtime.

As SpatialOS has evolved, we’ve been keeping you updated on the progress of the new Runtime and its capabilities. This includes query based interest (QBI), a feature that manages areas of interest and enables you to create higher and richer fidelity scenes in your games and projects, at lower bandwidth costs.

For any developers currently exploring these factors, the blog post is well worth a read. Taking an in-depth look at interest management, we explore the huge design ramifications. You’ll also be able to see what has changed and what’s yet to come in the future with the new Runtime and QBI.

Please do remember that to take full advantage of QBI, as well as the entity database (EDB), you need to opt in to the new Runtime. As the new Runtime will be the default option from Wednesday 30th February, we’d recommend upgrading now, as this will give you time to test out your projects in the new environment.

We hope you enjoy the blog article and are as excited about the future of Runtime as we are!

Nee :slightly_smiling_face:


This is really a neat feature. Cant wait to try it out and see what could be done with it