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Brand new SpatialOS metrics Dashboards


Hi everyone,

The wait is over! :tada: :confetti_ball:

We’re delighted to announce 5 new SpatialOS metrics dashboards to help you understand the health of your cloud deployments and more readily debug issues.

For each dashboard we have strived to provide clear metrics descriptions & actionable recommendations.

1. Check deployment health

2. Debug workers and nodes

3. Debug entities and commands

4. Debug worker performance and network egress

SpatialOS metrics dashboard showing all currently available metrics

These metrics are also accessible programmatically if you wish to run your own alerts on them or create your own dashboards. Check out this guide for more info!

As part of the follow-up to this work we’ll be removing the old ‘legacy’ dashboards (we will announce this closer to the time), so please reach out to us if you still find these legacy dashboards useful.


We created these dashboards with your feedback in mind, aiming to make them as understandable and actionable as possible. We’ll be adding new metrics and further dashboards with the same format in the future -
in the meantime please don’t hesitate to send us your feedback & requirements! :pray:


The SpatialOS Operate team

5 New Metrics Dashboards!