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Building Issues



I seem to be having a little bit of trouble with the “Autopatch workers on editor reload” functionality and the “Build Workers” from the “SpatialOS Window” and possibly the “Build development workers” from the dropdown menu. It seems “Autopatch workers on editor reload” was always saying that it changed only 3 lines despite how many changes I made and it and the others were seemingly not fully building despite saying they were finished, as I was getting old debugs from scripts while trying to get my AI to function on navmesh. After exhausting all ideas on how to fix it I noticed some of the old debugs were there so I ran a spatial worker clean and a spatial worker build and bam, everything was working as intended.
I will be grabbing the newest blank project and throwing my project into there as I may have some lingering settings / customization that was done in the project I’ve been building off off and upgrading (Hello World / Wizards Demo from SpatialOS 9).