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Can i try ap servers?


I’d like to try the ap servers but the “cluster_region=ap” does not work now. When will the ap servers open for deployment?



@czhu Hey, unfortunately our AP cluster is not publicly available at moment, you might have to use US or EU cluster for now. Let me know if you need any help !

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Hello @czhu,

As @Stan has already posted our AP servers are currently not available to users of our free tier but we are looking on changing that in near future. I will follow-up internally to see whether we can speed that up a little bit for you and will keep you updated here in any case with the progress.

Kind regards,

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@Stan @dvanamst Thanks for the quick response. I’m trying to evaluate the spatialos and it works very well locally but there are always connection_unresponsive errors after cloud deployment. That’s why i want to try some ap servers because i’m based in China now.


Hello again @czhu,

You should be aware that the development experience with SpatialOS is far from ideal at the moment with respect to your location in China. Our Asia-Pacific servers will not really change that unfortunately as they are not located within the country.

We are however set on providing a China-based offering in the future. The timelines on this are not clear enough for us to give a specific date yet but we will provide updates whenever that changes.

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