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Can multiple deployments host one game world?

I found the networking service only provides 400 game client connections for one deployment.
So I think if want to make a MMORPG that can let thousands of players to play in the same world.
I must to host the game world by multiple deployments.
If I’m right, please tell me how to do this.
I did not find a way to setup in the documentation.

The max players is not a hard cap, it’s a guideline of what we think is possible in a medium fidelity game. Our suggestion is that you start with the r2000 (or smaller) until you’ve reached the point they’re ready to scale up. At that point you can contact us and we will need to understand your game design (fidelity, density, player count etc.) and potentially “tweak” a custom runtime for them.

For instance if you got your primary game loop with 100 players working weel and is ready to start scaling up we can definitely help you.

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Thanks! I will start with the free tier first and make sure it works well.

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