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Can the spatialOS wizards game be implemented on a dedicated server?



to whom it may concern.

Can the Wizards demo game be implemented on a dedicated server?
to test the two system and compare and contrast?

If so can anyone indicate how thos is done?


Hello @clivezahra02,

From your message it is not entirely clear what you are referring to but I guess that you want to run the demo on your own server / hardware?

Kind regards,


Yes exactly is it possible?


We do not offer, or plan to offer, any form of self-hosted solution. SpatialOS is a full solution for all the layers downwards from our SDKs including hosting. Running a deployment requires coordination between a significant amount of services and resources which we host and which we cannot provide in a simple-to-deploy manner.

However given that your aim is to compare and contrast you should not need to host it yourself. You can just use the free deployment tier that your default account gives you access to. :slight_smile:

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