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Can the spatialOS wizards game be implemented on a dedicated server?



to whom it may concern.

Can the Wizards demo game be implemented on a dedicated server?
to test the two system and compare and contrast?

If so can anyone indicate how thos is done?


Hello @clivezahra02,

From your message it is not entirely clear what you are referring to but I guess that you want to run the demo on your own server / hardware?

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Yes exactly is it possible?


We do not offer, or plan to offer, any form of self-hosted solution. SpatialOS is a full solution for all the layers downwards from our SDKs including hosting. Running a deployment requires coordination between a significant amount of services and resources which we host and which we cannot provide in a simple-to-deploy manner.

However given that your aim is to compare and contrast you should not need to host it yourself. You can just use the free deployment tier that your default account gives you access to. :slight_smile:

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Hi @dvanamst
any licensing issue with a self-hosted solution ?


Hello @ssatguru,

As detailed in my reply above we do not offer, or plan to offer, a self-hosted option. This is not related to licensing issues but rather to the complexity of the software stack and set of services that are required to run a SpatialOS deployment and it’s accompanying services.

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Hi @dvanamst
Thanks for looking into this.
I am new to this product so not fully aware of all its capabilities and limitations.
I do see that we can run this from a localhost or from our own servers.
It seems to run as a decent “standalone” game server in this mode.
Now I do realize that running it this way we loose scalability, reliability, load balancing, analytics and support .
But what if I am willing to live with that, pick up a google compute server and run this on that this way
Would I run into any legal or license issues then?

Also, what are the limitation of the free deployment and can i use it in production?


Hello @ssatguru,

There are couple things in your post there that I do not want to brush over so I’ll provide a couple of pieces of information to give you the best possible answer. :slight_smile:

  • The use of the free tier of cloud deployments for a production game is specifically and explicitly prohibited by our EULA. We offer this tier so that you have the full ability to experiment and prototype with our platform.

  • Using spatial local for a production game is also not allowed by our EULA.

A second, and probably more important thing for you to consider regarding the use of spatial local on your own servers and / or cloud nodes is that this is a very inefficient use of your hardware. The feature-set around scalability, persistence and complexity that SpatialOS offers comes with a certain performance overhead.

For a game that relies on these unique features this is a very fair trade-off as SpatialOS opens up a very large amount of new possibilities for your creativity. However, for a game that runs perfectly fine on a single server and does not need these features, there are much more efficient and less performance impacting solutions available and I would not recommend using our platform if this is your case.

I hope this clear things up for you and as always I am more than happy to provide further answers to other inquiries you might have.

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Nicely explained :slight_smile: .