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Cannot connect to cloud deployment - locator?

Hi, our game no longer connects to the cloud deployment, but works fine with a local deployment. We didn’t update the locator port details as we weren’t sure if that was for GDK only. We are still using the Unity SDK and our project doesn’t have those files to modify. We do have a WorkerConnection.cs script with CreateLocator function, however it doesn’t look like the locator class contains a locatorPort value.

hey @mythicalcity-JJ,

This is highly likely due to you not updating to the new Locator port. Unfortunately, that is a part of the SpatialOS GDK for Unity and as you’re still using the SDK, this is causing further errors.

Having chatted with the team, we think there are two possible steps you could try.

The first would be to try an older build of your game, if it works, then you can check out what’s changed between the old version and the new and narrow down the possible reasons for the problem connecting to the cloud deployment.

The second is to look at moving to the GDK. As you know, we don’t support the SDK anymore so we’re not able to investigate or understand new errors that are cropping up, which I know, won’t be very helpful for you guys.

Do let us know how you get on if you try with an older build of the game and if you’re able to connect then.


Hi, I wish we had the funding to update to the GDK but at this time we just are not able to, and of course it will be quite a bit more difficult to raise more funds without being able to demo the game, so it’s a tough situation.

In terms of trying an older version, the one that we had running was the version from November which was working fine until recently. So to be clear, it was working and connecting and now we can’t connect to the same deployment. Do you think we should still try an even older version?

Hey @mythicalcity-JJ,

We’re going to dig a bit deeper into this. Would you be able to share any links to your deployment that you’re seeing the problems connecting with and client logs with error details. If there’s also screenshots of any other errors you’re seeing, those would be good to look at as well.

Also, would it be possible for us to launch a client from the console to test from our side as well?

Feel free to email me with the details if this makes it easier too!