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Can't run starter project


I’m trying to get the starter project up and running, but when I hit the Start button to start SpatialOS, I get the following:

Generating bridge settings for UnrealClient.
Generating bridge settings for UnrealWorker.
Generating managed worker configuration for UnrealWorker.
‘spatial worker build build-config’ succeeded (0.0s)
Transferred 33.1MiB/ 73.3MiB [========= ] 45% [0.6MiB/s]

It gets up to 36.2 MiB, and then every time it errors out like so:

Could not download the JRE, attempting to use the system’s installed JRE. failed to retrieve worker package: rpc error: code = DeadlineExceeded desc = context deadline exceeded
Preparing to run SpatialOS.
C:\Projects\SpatialOS\UnrealGDKStarterProject\spatial\schema/unreal/gdk/spawndata.schema:4:1: Couldn’t read imported file ‘improbable/vector3.schema’.
C:\Projects\SpatialOS\UnrealGDKStarterProject\spatial\schema/unreal/gdk/spawndata.schema:4:1: …while processing imported file ‘improbable/vector3.schema’.
Error during command execution: exit status 1 ] 50% [0.6MiB/s]
‘spatial prepare-for-run’ failed (0.3s)
Encountered an error during command execution.
exit status 1
Press any key to continue . . .

I tried switching to a different ISP, but still the same. Any ideas?


Solved it. I saw that there were log files in the spatial folder, so I opened one of them and found the URL it was using to download the JRE. Pasted that into my browser and it downloaded fine. Renamed to and moved it to the folder where the log file said it was looking for it.

At that point I was still getting the vector3.schema error, so I went into VS and cleaned the project and then built it. It works now.


Hey @creo,

great to hear you’ve solved it and thanks for sharing, good info for anyone else who might come across the same error. :slightly_smiling_face:




I am still getting this schema error, after looking in the directory the vector3.schema is just not there.

edit: took 2 rebuilds but its working now.