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I am developing on UE4 using UESDK
I can’t for life of me find spatial CLI i have already downloaded GDK for Unreal, and other stuff, but for the life I can’t seem to find CLI.


Hey @PJ123.

You can check if you have the spatial command line tool installed by opening a terminal window and running spatial version. If spatial is a recognized command then you’re good to go. If not, you need to download and run the SpatialOS installer.

I note that you’re developing with the Unreal SDK. The SDK is old, not recommended for use and has been replaced by the GDK, which we recommend you use (it’s a vastly superior development experience).


Thank you that was the thing I was looking for.

Do you maybe have the link to the page at hand where I can always download the latest version?

I have already switched today to GDK :slight_smile: thank you.



You can run spatial update to download the latest version of the spatial command line tool at any time. You can also always find the latest version here.

It’s important to stress that the SpatialOS version of your project is separate from your spatial command line tool, and is determined by the sdk_version string in your project’s spatialos.json file.

I hope that clarifies things, let me know if you have any other questions, and thank you for trying out the GDK, we couldn’t make it without early adopters like you :slight_smile:


Thank you! :slight_smile:

I have one a bit off topic and more like tutorial question.

I have built UE 4.20 SpatialOS fork.
I tred to launch the tutorial which I have followed.

But for some reason I keep getting stuck at this point.

#6th In Unreal Editor, in the SpatialOS GDK toolbar, select Launch .

I get these errors
[improbable.worker.assembly.WorkerAssemblyProviderFactory] Loaded worker assemblies for these workers types: UnrealClient, UnrealWorker.
[improbable.worker.assembly.WorkerAssemblyProvider] Component ‘unreal.GlobalStateManager’ does not exist but was specified as a target of a global component streaming query for worker type ‘UnrealClient’.
[improbable.module.ModuleNode] Validating worker configurations failed–please double check your configuration, try reuploading your assembly, or contact support if this error persists.
[improbable.deployment.GameLauncher$] SpatialOS runtime startup failed.

Am I missing something, please advise :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: