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Community Cookbook?



@Improbable Team!

I have some content that I would love to submit back to the community in the form of a recipe but I’m not sure where to put it. I’m putting the finishing touches on it; but it would be awesome if there was a forum category (or better yet, a wiki!) for community contributed recipes.

For instance - I’ve spent the last couple days building this:

SpatialOS Character Controller (almost ready)

  • Simple tutorial to give WoW like capabilities


  • 3rd Person Adjustable Follow Camera
  • Server Authoritative RigidBody CharacterController
  • Custom Keybindings Framework w/ multiple bindings allowable per action
  • Combination of Mouse+Keyboard Controls for Movement and Camera Control (like WoW)

And just based off some of the other things I have going in my platform right now, I’d imagine I could probably come up with another half-dozen recipes of varying levels of complexity that would benefit the community.

Moreover, having a content area like this would enable the community to work together on quality recipes that people want to know how to do, or that help people build difficult capabilities into their sim.

As an added bonus, this could act as a catalyst for a “Spatial Asset Store” once it gains enough momentum.

Obviously, you’d want to implement some quality standards, but in my experience - a few “community champions” can moderate community contributed content fairly well. Given the activity of some of the members on these forums, I’d imagine there are a few such champions that would love to help out.

Community Initiative: Friends Of Spatial

FWIW - Here’s a quick screen-cap of the above (at this point, still working on some kinks and adding a few features)


Hello @krnlpanick,

Thank you so much for this community effort ! This is exactly the kind of things that we want to see flourish on the forums. For the current hosting of such recipes you have the Friends of Spatial initiative that could be a great place to start at this time.

As for your suggestions about an “Asset Store” and other forms of community content hosting: we will definitely take them into consideration when looking at how to move forward ! Keep the ideas coming. :heart:

Best regards,


@dvanamst this is a perfect place to start, thanks for the reference!


No worries! You’re welcome. And again, keep these contributions coming! :wink: