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Community Garden: A Massive Scale VR Simulation


The next release for Community Garden turns my small scale VR simulation into a massive scale simulation possible with SpatialOS. Check out the new trailer!



This is really cool man! I’ve enjoyed watching your progress. It’s been really inspirational as a fellow SpatialOS Unity VR developer working on my own game. Keep up the good work man! I’d also love to hear sometime about your journey and things you’ve learned along the way developing in VR with SpatialOS as it’s proved pretty challenging to me.


Thanks, I’ve written a little bit, probably not enough though, about creating MetaWorld and now Community Garden on my blog if you’re interested,


The big update is out. New graphics, building interiors, player apartments, new avatar system and a 8.5 square mile city to explore. One step closer to creating the OASIS :wink: