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Community Garden First Trailer


First trailer for Community Garden. My goal was to show Community Garden as a peaceful place to escape from the real world. Let me know what you think.


Pretty cool use of VR. :slight_smile:

One thing, it would be nice to have some music playing when in the game. I realize you are in a city setting but some sort of audio (maybe a menu choice?) would be welcome.


@VectorXStudios I really want to get some video showing player interactions (voip, lipsync, etc) but it’s been hard getting people in there to do the recording.

I think I will add a old school boombox in world that players interact with and listen to music.


Yeah I don’t have a Vive. I do have a Oculus but its on my PC which I don’t use often (Mac is my main machine.)


Sorry I didnt catch your DM until it was after the time. If you can give me a 24 hours heads up I can plan accordingly and be there.

It is looking really good so far :slight_smile: Keep up the work!

You might also try hitting up the Vive reddit page. Lots of people on there that could help test.


Community Garden does work with the Rift via Steam just FYI :wink:


I will DM you now to set up a time. I’m trying to submit to that sub reddit but I need more karam lol.