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Component best practices


Hi there!

I’m excited to announce that we’ve just launched a page about best practices when using components! :tada::tada:

This is the first in a brand new series about best practices when using SpatialOS. It includes guidance on when to use events, when to use commands, when to have properties in the same component and how to optimise your components, helping your game reach massive scale!

Let me know any questions you have, or any best practice guidance you would like to see in the future!



This is great stuff!

It would be awesome to see some examples for both a pattern for keeping data “in-memory” with “regular updates” and “authority loss imminent updates” and an example of using interpolation and client-prediction (this second one may already be covered in the dox; I vaguely remember seeing something about it before)


Hi krnlpanick,

Thanks for the feedback!

As for the client-side interpolation, I wrote an example in this forum post. Hope it helps!