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Content for new tutorials



Hi, we are ready to provide you couple game ready character armors (with correct body seams, UE4 ready skeleton) and inventory UI (umg, icons) from our game to made new complete base tutorials with game characters (changing armor on server, movement with client-side prediction, replication etc). If it’s interesting let me to know.





I am very interested in what information you have!

Things of particular interest to me:

Character movement (prediction, replication, interpolation) in the unreal spatial environment, as well as replicating animation states.

I’m just starting to walk down that path, and any information would be of great help!


@Genom I’d be interested in the tutorial as well, especially player movement and client side predication.
SpatialOS’s own documentation seems to be biased towards Unity, at least for now.
Any tutorials would be very helpful.


This would be great


Interested in this!