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Cool things happening right now with SpatialOS



As discussed on our blog
There’s Lazarus and Worlds Adrift. Obviously!

We’ve built the Hello World and Pirates tutorials (which you’ve probably already tried!)

@judah4 uploaded a super cool video of his pirates mod,
@paulthomas24099 had a great time playing with others,
@draconigra is busy procedurally generating his own universe,
@zachc is busy porting Cartel ,
@vitor is busy discussing world sizes and the impact it can have on engagement.

What are you working on? Tell us!


I’m having fun with v9 and working on a fps deathmatch right now. First playtest with some more people will happen soon. Will drop an invitation here. But don’t excpect much graphics, it’s just cubes and capsules for now. Long term goal is a fps survival game.


I think my dream game running on SpatialOS would be an FPS survival type. Are you thinking of any simulation type elements? An ecology perhaps?


As you may guess we have soooo many ideas :slight_smile:

Some of them i have already mentioned in one of our first talks:

  1. Growing plants/trees in respect to the local weather situation (rain amount, etc.)
  2. Animal population of different kinds with preys and predators with important stats like hunger level and of course obeying food situation from 1.

More advanced elements could be changing environment according to weapons used. Over time you will get more powerful weapons (tanks/maybe nukes) and at some level they will have some impact. At least for the local animal population and maybe on the global weather.

So you may wonder why there are tanks and nukes in a survival game :slight_smile: There is a specific idea behind this and just be patient we are in the process creating a basic game design document to describe our ideas and the concept (once we know). Somewhen in the future we can give more details!