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Costs involved


Something I haven’t seen mentioned so far is what’s the cost going to be? Let’s say during development I deploy my game so I can have a couple friends help test it out. How much is that going to cost me?


During development there is no cost. You are aloted a fixed amount of resources for your deployment. At some point in development your project will exceed that amount and then that is when you will have to get into the cost. Cost is generally on a used based setup and on a per project basis. It can vary greatly depending on the amount of resources you need and so on. It is part of why there is no fixed pricing listing anywhere. Because from project to project the cost can vary greatly. My project might use 1/100th the resources of yours or vica versa. General rule of thumb is to keep your resource usage down low and that will in turn also keep your cost down low.


Thanks for your response. Is there any way to force it to not go over the fixed amount of resources. Like maybe only simulating part of the world or something? Or stopping the spawning of new entities or something like that?


For development it will just limit you to it. You dont have to worry about anything at this stage. The system will just not give you more then the fixed amount to use and its fairly high last I remember. (One of the Improbable guys could say more there)

General rule is that during development there isnt anything to worry about while developing. If you do end up needing more resources best thing is to contact them via email and they will work it out with you.