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Create a VR Multiplayer game on Oculus



I would like to create a basic Unity3D-based VR multiplayer game for Oculus Go (and hopefully extend it to Oculus Quest later on) and I would love to have a very basic starter project to use as foundation. I noticed that the only VR starter project on the GitHub repository is deprecated.
Any advice on how to proceed would be really appreciated.


this post helped me get started. There is alot of useful code in the VR starter project too, you just need to convert it to work with the new syntax / commands / ect… which is something you’ll have to get used to using this in development system… but once you spend some time wrapping your head around it, it becomes less daunting. Expect some hair pulling and hyperventilating though.

I hadn’t even heard of the Oculus Quest… interesting… Something I’ll have to look more in to that could also be good for my game, as I’ve been primarily aiming to run my game on Gear VR with a Samsung S7 or better.


Thanks @MarshallVisions, but I noticed the last update on the threads dates back to Jun’18 so I was hoping to get an answer from the team about more recent developments.