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Deployment AI tests




Beside the standard test of having a lot of entities move around, what kind of test should one make on a deployment?

I"m trying to think ahead of when I’m going to scale up.

I’ve read this already anything else?


Hello @SionoiS,

Great to hear that you are getting ready to start scaling up in the near future. Some thoughts on potential tests you might want to add:

  • From a load perspective you should only require to test what corresponds to the peak usage that you are expecting on your game, both from game clients as well as from the NPC entities & consorts that your world contains. The most interesting and critical thing you can do is density load-testing, where you gather as much as entities (NPC or players) in a small spot of your world. Within reasonable bounds of course, or you will without doubt cross a line where it becomes impossible to run correctly anyway.
  • The second most important thing is: are your game elements following the logic that you (think you) implemented and on which your gameplay relies. This might range from checking that the number of creatures of a specific type does not grow out-of-bounds or dies out over a longer time; both with and without external player interactions (e,g gamers killing the creature type for a quest), to checking that inventory semantics are correct and cannot result in lose or de-duplication of objects, to making sure that people cannot perform “malicious” actions that would be detrimental to other players or advantaging themselves.

Anecdote: from experience it turns out that balancing populations and their dynamics is a hard problem :laughing:.

Anyway here are some ideas. Hope they help you along on your path.

Best regards,



Your second point is something I’ve not thought of yet… I’ll get on it!

I’ve been reading a lot about MMO’s lately and it’s kinda scary to be honest.
On his web site Raph Koster has a ton of good stuff.

Scaling up is going to be super exiting can’t wait :smiley: