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Deployment Manager 1.4 Released!



Deployment Manager v1.4 Release Notes

Updated Look and Feel

The deployment manager has undergone a complete UX refresh with almost every component being stripped back to its core wireframe before being given a fresh and consistent look and feel. As you can see a lot of core functionality has changed so please use the following notes to help re-orientate yourself with the new look and feel.

New Features

Projects Screen

The slide-out sidebar has been replaced with a brand-new Projects screen which gives you an overview of your Projects and Deployments. Deployments with a project are grouped by the Deployment Stage they have been tagged with and the cluster that they are running in. You will see both running, and recently archived (within the last 24 hours) deployments as well as a health indicator.

You can collapse entire projects by clicking on the arrow button and also “star” projects which will pin them to the top of the Projects list, both of which are useful if you manage more than one project.

Finally, the Projects screen has a filter which you can use to search by deployment name, Deployment stage, creator and tags. Your last 5 recent searches are automatically saved and you can focus the search bar by pressing tab when the page first loads.

Logs, Metrics and Dpl Config for Archived Deployments

The Deployment Manager now provides links to an archived deployment’s historical Logs and Metrics - clicking on one of the links will take you to Kibana/Grafana with the corresponding time-range pre-selected. You can also download the Dpl Config file (.pb.json) for an archived deployment.

Snapshot Viewer

The Deployment Manager can now show you a list of Snapshots generated by both running and archived deployments. You can make use of the “Fork” and “Start From” actions which provide you the relevant Spatial Command Line invocations to copy and paste into your terminal.

Project Archive Browser

You can now browse a Project’s archived deployments to find a particular run - you can filter by time period or keyword and then click through to access all the usual metadata.

Assembly Browser

Similar to the new Project Archive Browser you can now see a list of all your Project’s assemblies. You can also access the Assembly Browser directly from the Deployment Manager by clicking on an Archived Deployment’s assembly link.

SpatialOS Newsfeed

The new homepage features a Newsfeed component which pulls its content directly from the SpatialOS Support Forums - this gives us a quick and convenient channel to reach all our customers when they first load up the Deployment Manager. Clicking on a Newsfeed item will jump you through to the support forum.

Fabric Status Indicator

A deployment’s Fabric Status is now shown on the deployment overview screen. The Fabric status is determined based on a set of internal Prometheus metrics defined by the Fabric team. A deployment can have one of the following statutes:

Healthy: No alerts fired in the last hour
Alerts within last 1h: If any Prometheus alerts were triggered in the last 60 minutes
Alerts within last 5m: If any Prometheus alerts were triggered in the last 5 minutes.

Assembly Metadata

The Deployment Manager now provides you with additional metadata about a Deployment’s Assembly including the Spatial SDK version that it was compiled against.

Spatial PAC Proxy Deprecation

You no longer need the PAC Proxy in order to access a Node’s Raw Logs or PsDash; only the legacy World Viewer still requires external customers to have the PAC Proxy configured on their system.

Usability Improvements

Open Link in New Tab

We have gone through the application and made it possible to open nearly every link in a new tab (either through right click, or middle mouse button) making it easier for you to navigate.

Page / Screen Names

Each screen in the application now has a unique name allowing you to see which Deployment is open in each tab and making it easier to jump back in your Browser’s history.

Destructive Actions Require Confirmation

Any action which results in data being permanently removed is now behind a confirmation dialog to avoid accidental deletion.

Welcome to the new Deployment Manager!