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Deployment Manager 1.5 Released!



Deployment Manager 1.5 Release Notes

New Features

Entity Worker Authority

When you click on an Entity in the Inspector you will now see which Workers have authority over its state alongside that entities Component list. Clicking on an Entity’s name (eg: UnityFSim31 in the above screenshot) will drill down into that Worker.

Center Point of Workers

The Inspector now shows the center point of a Worker (this appears as a red circle in the visualisation).

Better Label Rendering



Labels are now rendered with the same font (Source Code Pro) on all operating systems and have a darker background to make them more readable. They also look sharp on high resolution screens now.

Usability Improvements

Improvements to the Deployment ToolTip

The Deployment ToolTip no longer shows an Inspector link for archived deployments - we’ve also fixed up the Inspector Icon (it was previously a circle, it’s now a crosshairs).

Improved Nodes Routing

We have fixed a minor bug where the browser’s back button would be broken by the nodes route.

Fabric Status Indicator

The Fabric Status Indicator which appears on the Projects screen now shows a grey ball instead of a green one if a project has zero active deployments.

Fixed browser history panning the inspector

Sometimes navigating back in the browser history caused the inspector to start panning, which it won’t anymore.

Fixed some minor styling issues in the inspector

The Worker list has the correct background color and arrow icons which indicate sorting of columns are rendered properly.

Node Health Indicator

Nodes in a Running state now carry an amber health indicator instead of a green one to reflect the fact that the simulation code has not yet started on that machine.

Better Code Snippet Colour-scheme in Docs

We have fixed a bug which caused inline code-snippets in the Documentation to appear as green on white (which was difficult to read). These snippets now appear as blue on white.

Deployment Manager 1.5 Released

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