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Deployment Manager and Inspector 1.10 Release Notes




Website: Single location for all documentation

We’ve heard the phrases: “Which set of docs should I use? Why don’t you have one set?”, “I think the are out of sync with the ones” and “There is a bug that occurs only on” more than a few times over the last few months.

No more confusion. We’ve moved the SpatialOS documentation to - a single, logical location.

Inspector: Zoom to Mouse Position

Natural zooming. Point at a place with your mouse cursor and the world inspector will zoom towards it.

Inspector: Remove Zoom-out Limit

We have removed the arbitrary zoom limit of the camera which fixes zooming out in deployments with chunk sizes other than 200.


Website: Safari Bugfixes

We have made a number of minor bugfixes to the website for Safari users.

Inspector: Entities not clickable on higher zoom levels

On very high zoom levels entities were not clickable. Now they are on every zoom level.

Deployment Manager and Inspector 1.10 Released