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Deployment Manager and Inspector 1.6 Released!



New Features

Deployment Manager: Fabric Status Traffic Light Changes

The Fabric Status “Traffic Light” indicator logic has been simplified. Your deployment will now show a green ball if no alerts have been fired in the last 5 minutes; otherwise the ball will be red for alerts of severity type “page” and orange for any other severity.

Inspector: Multiple Entity Selection

You can now select multiple entities in the Inspector by holding down the CMD key on macOS or the CTRL key on Windows / Linux.

Inspector: Worker List Filtering

You can now filter the Worker List by worker name; we have also changed the default behavior so long worker names will have ellipsis added to the end of their name when they’re truncated (previously the start of the worker name was truncated)

Inspector: Highlight Visible Workers

Workers that are in-view are shown in bold-text to distinguish them from workers that are not currently visible.

Bugfixes and Improvements

Deployment Manager: Deployment Filter fixes

The deployment filter bar no longer clears when you press the enter key and your filter term will be persisted when you move forward / backward in your browser’s history. We also addressed a nasty bug where it was difficult to click on entries in the filter history list.

Deployment Manager: Archived Environment Stage Selector fix

The Deployment Manager no longer shows a drop-down for an archived deployment’s environment stage.

Deployment Manager: Fix Archived Deployment Routes

The Deployment Manager no longer crashes when you follow a link to an archived deployment’s assemblies, nodes or configuration - instead you are now redirected back to the overview screen and shown a dialog to inform you that this deployment has been archived.

Deployment Manager: Deployment QuickLink Tooltip alignment

We have optimised the tooltip shown when you hover over a deployment on the Projects screen so that the quick-link buttons for the Inspector, Logs and Metrics are now aligned with the deployment’s name making it easier to navigate and less-likely to block the deployment you are trying to click.

Inspector: Page Titles

The Inspector now sets the Document’s title as you navigate around making it easier to distinguish between multiple inspector tabs in your web browser.

Inspector: Confirm Stop Worker Dialog

Stopping a worker will now trigger a confirmation dialog preventing accidental deletion of workings form a running deployment.

Inspector: Worker Load Value fix

Worker load is now correctly parsed by the Inspector and show in the UI.

Inspector: Component Filtering

Filtering components is fixed and works for key, values, arrays and objects. It also shows the length of arrays now.

Inspector: “Jump to Worker“ in worker list

We’ve replaced the “stop worker” button in the Worker List component with a “jump to worker” button, as it’s used more frequently./

Deployment Manager and Inspector 1.6 Released
Deployment Manager and Inspector 1.6 Released

This. Is. Wicked.

Jump to worker and entity selection is a HUGE win!!